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logo & design
for the wonderful beauty concept store WHEADON
in Berlin

please go check it out and get a treatment,
it's worth it!


one of my all time favourites
a project developed as creative director with my team at MetaDesign Berlin

the relaunch of eprimo, a german energy discounter

what did we do?
we told the story of the eprimos, tiny little fellows,
which live in the green world behind the socket.
the second you push an electric button,
they are there to bring you cheap and reliable energy
with best customer focus.

and turned all that into an identity.







a project to die for:
redesigning the global brand of TRIUMPH
and shooting the new picture style with the wonderful Peter Gehrke and the incredible Elisa Sednaoui
all created as creative director
at MetaDesign Berlin with my team






Bikini Berlin
will certainly be the place in 2014
and the hype was already created before by

who asked me to create a special edition for
Borgmann 1772
Uslu Airlines






who would not like to have his poster all over one of Berlins best clubs:
Summer Sale at Kater Holzig
and my friend Sandro asked me, if I would like to do the design.
Well of course I said yes.














you work on a project for two years,
and right after it gets published, the brand disappears.

i still believe that my team at MetaDesign and me
did a great job on the German pay-tv station




a little tea party





and yes! there is so much more to see and come.
be patient, come back, get on the mailing list!


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